you are looking for the best? DREHER covers fit perfectly. Produced of best 240gr. Airtex. DREHER covers provide a long life.

HARBECK trailers are the best. 90% of the dragonsailors use them. We work with Harbeck for more than 35 years. This is reason enough to use them.


Builder Type Year Description Price in incl. 19%VAT
DREHER Full transport cover New DREHER dragon full transport cover in darkblue 240gr. Airtex Top quality cloth. Fits on all Harbeck trailers. doulbe patchers for bearers, zipper for cockpit step in. 1.895.--
DREHER Full mastcover New DREHER dragon full mastcover over spreader and jumper diamonds. 240gr. Airtex Top quality cloth. Best solution for transport. 570.--
DREHER Dragon transportcover New DREHER dragon cockpit over boomcover, 240gr Airtex top quality cloth;. 590.--
DREHER Dragon full standcover NEW DREHER dragon 3 pieces full cover for Petticrows dragons in darkblue 240gr. Airtex Top quality cloth. Fits perfectly. Middle part can be used as an overboom daycover!! 1.550.--
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