Have you not been asking yourself a couple of times,- " I am sailing now for so many years in my dragon, I am buying new sails every year and having the best material money can buy. Why dont I make a step forward?" Easy, you a redoing the same mistake again and again and again, for years, for decades, cause there is nobody showing you, what you do wrong. Oh yes, you asked one of the rockstars how he is setting up his boat, well you try to copy, but this gentleman does not tell you, what else he is doing.
Successful sailing is more than buying the best material and using the professional setup for your boat.
Sucessful sailing first of all is crewwork, manovers, tuning your boat and the ability to change trim, when the wind- and seaconditons change. You have to reduce the number of parameters on your boat, that you can concentrate on sailing, taktics and strategy. So now you may understand, why we never change forestay lenght or sails. An individual clinic for 2 or 3 days may change your sailing life.You willunderstand the name of the game much better, your crew gets excited and is greedy to train the quick change of boat tuning and most diffucult manovers, as now you know by then all mistakes you made so far.
Vincent also offers to do races with you.

PRICES for clinics: all prices in Euro.

1 day for 1 boat: EUR 990.-- (individual)
1 day for 2 boats: EUR 1000.-- (groups)
1 day for 3 boats: EUR 1040.-- (groups)
1 day for 4 boats: EUR 1070.-- (groups)
1 day for 5 boats: EUR 1100.-- (groups)

Flights, travel to airports by car (appr. EUR 110.--,parking at airport, hotel,food and costs for a rib will be charged extra.)

Convinced? Please contact Vincent Hoesch; Phone: + 49 8052 957250 or mobile: + 49 175 2427006; E-mail: vincent2@t-online.de