Using only the best materials helped Vincent a lot to succeed in so many races without major problems. Therefore he takes only HARKEN gear when upgrading a dragon. A 25 years partnership with HARKEN means a lot. When using block and fittings, you have to make sure to use the right block in the right place.
" I have seen a lot of blocks in the wrong place, so I learned about working and braking load on block and fittings. Nowadays I know all these numbers by heart. We sell all HARKEN stuff.


When it comes to sailing, MUSTO sailing gear is just the best. Dont go for second best, only go for the best. Vincent has a sponsor-and partnership with MUSTO for more than 10 years. We sell MUSTO products for reasonable prices, if you give us a detailled order.


The best sheet only works, if used in the right place. In 20 years of partnership Vincent developped special sheets for dragons. We supply tapered Dyneema spinaker/ genoa/and mainsheets for your dragon. You and your crew will be delighted. All Dyneemasheets produced by LIROS are superlight and have even less stretch than spectrasheets.
This is what you need for your dragon.
Orders: if you would like to order some parts, please send an E-mail to:vincent2@t-online.de; all prices ex work, but inlcudes german VAT (19%), packing and transport come extra

LIROS Dragon special mainhayard for Petticrows masts 5mmØ pure Dyneema in blue spliced into 3,5mmØ wire,ball and Wichard shackle. Free of stretch, longer lasting and 40% less weight. Price: EUR 169.--

LIROS Dragon special spinakersheet continous tapered sheet in white colour, material: dyneema, coat and core; tapered 5mmØ 10m long on both ends and 9mmØ in the 12 m in the middlepart, overall lenght 32m;
Price: EUR 229.--

NEW LIROS Dragon special genoasheet tapered dyneema sheet in white with blue tracer thread; both ends 2m long with 6mmØ - middle part 9mmØ on 10m lenght. overall lenght 14m; Dyneemashackle for proper fixing; Price EUR 265.--

LIROS Dragon genoasheet for winchsystem tapered dyneema sheet in white with blue tracer thread; both ends 7m long with 9mmØ - middle tapered down to 6mmØ on 2m lenght. overall lenght 16m; Price EUR 209.--

LIROS Dragon special spinaker halyard tapered dyneema halyard in white with green tracer thread; ends tapered to 5mmØ, middle 8mmØ; Price: EUR 209.--

LOOS Gauge PT 2M the tensionmeter for your dragon. Matches with all tuning guides. Price: EUR 153.--

PETTICROWS dragon full Vectran runner 4.0mmØ Vectran full length 12026cm with splice, per side EUR 95.--

PETTICROWS dragon under deck runner 3,5mmØ wire with superclip (5 metres long): Price: EUR 99.--

GLAS/BÖRRESEN dragon under deck runner 3,5mmØ with eyeterminal ( 5metres long): Price: EUR 69.--

HAWK Windex super light weight windex (28gramms only) with sapphire bearing. A must for your dragon: Price EUR 45.--

TACKTICK Racemasterdigital compass. The one and only for dragons. Price EUR 835.--

DRAGON cuddy compass housing; white for Tacktick digital compass. Price EUR 165.--

DRAGON bracket in aluminum for Tacktick digital compass. Price EUR 99.--

HOLT ALLEN Carbo tiller extension 1000mm long and superlight (140gramms) Price: EUR 125.--

BARTON boomstrut lifts your boom in light winds and helps when hoisting and dropping the mainsail: Price: EUR 315.--

SouthCo hatch snap lock for Petticrows dragons. Price per piece EUR 7.--