Upgrading all types of dragons is our daily routine of live. You might know that feeling when sailing in a brise, all hiking hard and trying to keep you boat balanced. You have to much helm and ask for more runner tension, more outhaul, more this more that, ....but your crew let you know ... no chance! By the way, we are tired, as nothing works on our boat.
Then it is time to see us and have an upgrade. We know more about cascade purchases, finetunes, working loads for blocks (Harken) and breaking strenghts of ropes (Liros).
We just put the right block, the right line to its place and you will be amazed how easy sailing in a brise can be.
We come with our service van to help you during races or clinics.

Our Prices are as follows:

Vincent Hoesch per working hour EUR 80.- incl. VAT.

Interested?Please call or write to:

Phone: +49 8051 966665
Cell: +49 175 2427006
E-mail: vincent2@t-online.de