Yacht Racing Services &Consulting (YRS)

YRS is specialised for sailing clinics for dragons. Vincent´s successful clinics are well known among dragonsailors. Tuning and upgrading of dragons is our business, as we do the layout for Petticrows dragons for a couple years now.
You are looking for a good used dragon, we always have a couple in stock.
YRS represents PETTICROWS Dragons in Germany and work close with FRITZ Sails, as Vincent was managing director for years.

Vincent Hoesch:
Winning the 2003 Dragon and H-Boot Worlds he is one of Germany´s most successful sailors. He has been dominating in 6 dragon Gold Cups, his first time in 1980 in Douarnenez. He added 7 world- and 9 european championships in Dragon, Star, H-Boat and other classes to his victories list.

* In the end of 1998 Vincent Hoesch retired from his managing director job at Fritz - Sails and founded his own company: Yacht Racing Services &Consulting.
* As a consultant for Fritz Sails he is actively sailing in Dragons,Stars and H-Boats.
* In fall 2000 Vincent Hoesch became representative for Petticrows in Germany. Up to now almost 40 new Petticrows and 20 used dragons were sold in Germany
* Petticrows Dragons powered by Fritz Sails: the the magig combination Vincent is using since 1994. Therefore he wrote the outstanding Fritz Sails tuning guide for dragons which is available in German, english and french.
* In 2001 Vincent started offering clinics for dragons, using his more than 35 years of experience of successful dragonracing. These individual or group clinics help you and your crew to make the step forward.